When in Rome

Adventure Two- The Wreck of the AI Fitzgerald

The crew picks up a phantom distress signal originating from the Bermuda Nebula, an area notorious for swallowing ships. Intrigued by the fact that the SOS is coming across in binary, they head to check it out.

Once within scanning range, they notice 2 ships- a smaller disabled ship that was not the one broadcasting the distress call, and the source of the signal- a cargo freighter that is registering one biological lifeform and a fluctuating number of inorganic signals. They communicate via military morse code with Mere Camillus, a medic-for-hire who came to investigate the distress call in hopes of being able to fix her ship, but was stranded on the cargo freighter when she realized the air was full of nanobots.

The crew decides to investigate. The ship’s life-support is running, but comms, navigation, and engines are disabled, crippling the ship. There is no sign of the crew, and the escape pod is intact. The nanobots attack Jack Crawford, and Professor Virgil Bedlam is targeted by a hostile mining robot with glowing red eyes.

The crew heads up to the second level of the ship and are attacked by 6 more mining robots from one of the ship’s two cargo holds. The robots are behaving pretty weirdly, and one of them deliberately misses their attack on Jack. Professor Bedlam attempts to switch off the nanobots in the cockpit of the ship, but encounters the bodies of three crew-members (including a teenage boy) and loses his mind a little. He recovers and at the suggestion of a very helpful computer interface, runs a program that links the robots in the hold with their consciousnesses that have been stored in the ship.

The crew finds out that the ship was chartered by All Corp to deliver a new generation of mining robots to one of their colonies. By reading the ship’s log, Jack finds out that the ship’s pilots and their children began to suspect that the robots were sentient (a first in the universe!), shortly before the nanobots that were planted by All Corp attacked, killing the pilots and their son and corrupting the bodies of the robots- but not before the robots were able to back up their consciousnesses into the ship’s computer and disable the ship. It becomes apparent that All Corp knew about the sentience of their robots and was deliberately trying to silence them.

Meanwhile, Mere breaks into the second cargo bay that had been welded shut and finds the pilots’ remaining child, a young girl named Kaelia who had been sealed in the hold to protect her from the robots that were now programmed to kill.

Jack invites the robot consciousnesses to take up space in his cyborg brain computer and together the crew formulates a plan to disable the nanobots. Using Mere’s medical tricorder, and the Professor’s mad coding skills, Jack broadcasts a signal that summons the nanobots to him and reprograms them. The crew realizes that while the nanobots are currently only coded to destroy, they could be further reprogrammed to repair- in an industrial or a medical context. They also find out the nanobots are self-replicating, albeit slowly. With the nanobot threat neutralized, they are able to gain control of the ship, which they name the AI Fitzgerald.

Mere signs on with the crew (At least temporarily) and they decide to take the ships back to Rome to plan their next move against All Corp, and to spruce up the new ship a bit.

Side events:
- The crew has an inventory of weaponized scones
- Kaelia is the second orphan they’ve liberated adopted.
- The nanobots have imprinted on Jack like a swarm of angry murderous ducklings
- Many of the AI have returned to their original bodies, but several have now moved into the nanobot swarm, and one is staying in Jack’s head.
-Zhery is ALL for the crew’s idea of using the nanobot colony to promote Universal Healthcare.
-Maybe Vashon has some old mining equipment/military surplus the crew can use to make the AI-F more combat ready?

Adventure One- The Gang's All Here

The crew meets up for the first time at the harvest festival on Rome at the request of Zhery Sofia. They are unsuccessfully pickpocketed, and scare the living bejesus out of their would-be robber, a street urchin named Jumaera.

The crew heads to a teahouse/ illicit substance den, only to find Theodosia Fox cornered by a group of ruffians. The crew leaves the jerks in an unconscious heap at the foot of the stairs, and are joined by Zhery, who is an old friend of Theo’s. Theo has a job for the crew.

Theo was a military hero who saved most of her unit from attacks during the Fungal War on Vashon. Following her success, she was promoted to captain of the military detail protecting the governor of Vashon, when she was caught in an explosion (set by the warlike tribe of the natives- sentient fungoids called the Do’Quil). Damage was extensive, but she was saved by the power of cyborg technology. In the ensuing court battle, it was determined that cyborgs have no right to personhood and she was stripped of all assets and left penniless. She wants the crew to break into the governor’s mansion on Vashon and… liberate some of her possessions from a safe so she has enough to quietly disappear.

The crew heads to Vashon and meets Miranda Wiley, the receptionist at the lab at Vashon College, and the first colonist actually born on Vashon, making her kind of a minor celebrity. Theo heads to the memorial for her fallen squadmates, and is heckled by a crowd of miners. Jack Crawford is able to redirect the miner’s anger towards the mining corporation and steer their hostilities away from Theo. The crew finds out that the current governor of Vashon is the same judge that ruled against personhood for cyborgs, now enjoying his cushy retirement in the pocket of the mining corporation.

Realizing that the world is poised on the brink of revolution, the crew goes on a fact-finding mission to the fungoid elders (the Do’Shin) to see what can be done to end the hostilities between the miners and the fungoids. The Do’Shin want the mining corporation the military off their sacred land, and to be able to live unmolested, and agree to set up a meeting with their more warlike cousins, the Do’Quil.

From there, the crew arranges the various factions on the planet to prepare them to overthrow the mining corporation and the military.

1. The Do’Shin and Do’Quil (Led by an orange fungoid nicknamed Pumpkin and his translator Keev)
2. The Miners (led by Miranda’s dad Jet)
3. The college students (Led by Miranda)

In a three pronged attack, the factions manage to create some epic exploding distractions, take over the mine, lock the military out of their own base, and take over the governor’s mansion, amazingly without any loss of life. The corporation and the military are forced off-world, and a ruling council of Theo, Miranda, Jet and Pumpkin is installed to govern the planet more equitably.

And they lived happily ever after…

Storm's Coming

Unrest plagues the sector. Augmented humanoids and their supporters rally, fighting to regain their rights. The rich exploit their workers, and the poor struggle to scrape by. The center cannot hold. Rebellion is on the horizon, but no one wants to make the first move.

On Rome, a group of travelers arrives. Loosely connected through the spacer (and sometime smuggler) Zhery Sofia, many of them are meeting for the first time.

There’s a storm coming. Will they lay low, or ride the gale?

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