Nalia en-Kor

Stranger From a Strange Land



The pattern of her face & body paint changes daily, using a mixture of engine grease, nontoxic moonrocks, and bioluminescent fauna.


Nalia is a Kor from Zendikar, a wild and mysterious world insulated from the ‘Verse at large by its hostile meteorology, geology, and biology. Due to frequent, intense, and unexplained gravitic storms on the planet’s surface, aeronautic navigation is all but impossible; this does not even touch upon the conventional storms that occur with similar frequency and intensity. Landmasses can be observed floating freely thru the atmosphere, and geologic stability of any kind is generally short-lived, always temporary.

Nevertheless, someone made it there. After seeing how the Kor navigated their dangerous airborne lands with grace and aplomb, this someone decided to kidnap one and turn them into a cat burglar. This went about as well as anyone with a conscience would expect it to. Nalia eventually began cooperating to gain an opportunity for escape, and when she saw her window she took it, along with her weaponry and climbing gear from home, a universal translator that can’t parse her correctly, and clothing for hiding her distinctly nonhuman appearance and blending in. She has realized that returning home is most likely not in the cards, and continues training herself in thievery knowing that she must work to survive, but not knowing what else she could do.

Nalia en-Kor

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