original_Serbia_Golubinci_from_west_IMG_9202-610x319_1_.jpgRome was settled a little over 100 years ago. Initially a glorified fuel-depot, it expanded into a major shipping power in the sector, due to its strategic location. There are three main places of interest on Rome, which remains a primarily agricultural world.

1. The Docks at Thermopylae- The hub of interstellar traffic and trade.

2. The Central Government Complex- Adjacent to the docks, primarily concerned with running a tight ship and making sure the government gets its due in taxes.

3. Sparta- the small farming community on the outskirts of Thermopylae. Home to migrant workers and second generation farmers alike, the locals seldom venture into the chaos of the docks. Hometown of Zhery, the town occasionally comes under scrutiny of the lawmen, which no one likes much.


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