Survey: Zorn is a cold world that bears a lot of potential. It is geophysically inert, has no intelligent life, and only the most basic plants and lichens. For hardy and bold colonists Zorn appears to be a winner. Recommended.

Revised Survey: The atmosphere is tainted and toxic to breathe without a filter. Not that anyone ventures out- the climate is brutally cold, averaging -20 C with dips down to -60 C. What water there is is frozen in polar glaciers. This place is a circle in Dante’s Hell.

Authority: Harmony may have many problems, but cleanliness and prosperity are not among them. The colony is organized and operates according to modern principles and the labor force is afforded a great deal of autonomy- as much as they prove they deserve. Food is likewise rationed according to merit. Labor force protests have resulted in some attrition and subsequent drops in productivity, but our marines are well trained and this protest behavior will burn itself out.

Labor Force: We’re all afraid, all the time, full stop. They cram us together and work us like dogs, taking all that we make and giving us back a pittance. They use us as they please, when they please, and when anyone steps out of line he’s cut down, and cut down for good. They’ve got a nasty little god complex, our masters in the Authority do, and they are not afraid to make examples among the slaves. For the most part they keep us too hungry to raise a fist- but not for much longer


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