Theodosia Fox

Infamous for asserting her humanity


Two years ago, Lieutenant Theodosia Fox of the First Galactic Exploration Unit was a celebrity. She single-handedly saved her platoon during an uprising on the Fungoid planet of Vashon.

Eighteen months ago, Lieutenant Fox was caught in an explosion while on protective detail for Vashon’s governor. With advances in cybernetic technology, doctors were able to save her life, but when she woke up, she was more machine than woman.

One year ago, Theodosia Fox lost her rights of personhood. In a monumental court decision that has since taken effect all across the sector, augmented humanoids where electronic components compose more than half of their systems (or if neural regenerative implants were used) are no longer allowed to own property and are exempt from the laws governing fair labor practices. Theodosia’s lawyers are fighting the decision.

Theodosia disappeared.

Theodosia Fox

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