Planet: Atmosphere is excellent, hydrology is favorable.
Settlements (no colony): Density is low, justice is universal.

Zendikar is a wild and mysterious world insulated from the ‘Verse at large by its hostile meteorology, geology, and biology. Due to frequent, intense, and unexplained gravitic storms on the planet’s surface, aeronautic navigation is all but impossible; this does not even touch upon the conventional storms that occur with similar frequency and intensity. Landmasses can be observed floating freely thru the atmosphere, and geologic stability of any kind is generally short-lived, always temporary.

Here live the Kor, a humanoid-but-nonhuman race who have adapted stupendously to the harsh realities of their homeworld. Tall and lithe, the Kor are born athletes who begin training in how to navigate Zendikar’s terrain as soon as they are able to walk. They live as nomads, as no one place in Zendikar can be settled for very long before one catastrophe or another befalls it, and each nomad group shares knowledge and skills within and without themselves as much as possible. This is to both prevent the loss of precious knowledge with the death of one individual, and to disseminate discovery and innovation throughout the race.

Faced with the hostility of their homeworld, the Kor have developed bonds of kinship and espirit de corps that homo sapiens can barely conceive of. While violence among Kor does happen, it is largely confined to crimes of passion or desperation, and many acts that humans would consider criminal are simply a part of survival to Kor. For example, grave robbing and tomb raiding are a proud and noble tradition to them, and a Kor that takes something belonging to another Kor is understood to need that thing for their immediate survival, and expected to return it if they live.


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